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We are witnessing the new age of empowered customers, armed with online reviews, five-star ratings and social media, never has it been more important to manage your reputation and referrals.This book is for anyone who wants to systematically build their reputation and increase their referral sales whilst delivering a consistent and continually improving customer experience. Put together in a simple, clear, no nonsense way, with step by step instructions on what to do along the journey. The information is based on over 10 years coaching, advisory and training experience in the area of feedback, customer experience and referrals, and all the advice is underpinned by real life experience and examples ...and continued doses of common sense!

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About The Authors

Guy Arnold and Russell Wood

Guy is the published author of Great or Poor, and Sales through Service. He works with Business Advice Organisations, offering simple and hugely powerful guidance as well as referrals and reputation sales. Russell is a professional trainer and business advisor for SME, national, FTSE 100 and private companies working in B2C and B2B environments.



Reputation: we all want an excellent one, and we all know it matters more than ever in the world of social media and online reviews …

… and we all know it’s now harder than ever to control.

Everyone can and does tell us ‘you’ve got to give great customer experiences’ to build a great reputation, but what’s always thin on the ground is solid, effective practical advice to make this actually happen.

The Reputation book is different … very different: it teaches you what you need to know and gives you the tools to go away and do it … immediately and with no fuss!

You’re like King Cnut: you can’t change the direction of the tide, but can realign yourself and your systems to work effectively in the new tide’s direction. And you can only do this by rigorously applying powerful timeless principles and tools, and embedding them into all you do.

Then, and only then, will you be able to effectively influence your reputation, build loyalty and gather continual referrals.

The principles are:

• Reputation is a product of behaviour, not of marketing
• Behaviour needs to be guided by simple principles that energise, enthuse and empower your people
• These principles should move your strategy, processes and behaviours forward, inch by inch in a constant cadence of continual improvement inch by inch
• ‘Amazing customer service’ is a myth: what customers crave is consistency and continual improvement, wrapped up in genuine care
• Continuous rigorous proactive feedback systems empower you to know where to focus your attention ... inch by inch
• You can only get loyalty and referrals when you’ve systemised the 4 timeless principles of consistent and continual improvement in your customer experience: the ‘BEAR’ principles
• When all this is done, you will have built ‘remarkability’ into your very DNA: then, and only then, can you build an effective process of active and passive referrals

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The Testimonials

Kevin Georgel, CEO, Admiral Taverns

“This book clearly and simply addresses one of the main issues of business today: how do we build systems that ensure we continually improve our reputation and continually generate high quality referrals.”

Sarah Watts, CEO, Alliance Leisure

“This book sets out very simple strategies for building business reputation and optimum referrals, I would highly recommend it.”

Simon Townsend, CEO, The EI Group Plc

“The ideas on reputation and referrals in this book are simple, sound, well organised and powerful. This is a helpful book for any organisation seriously wishing to improve reputation and referrals.”

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